Devin Ronneberg


California Institute of the Arts |
BFA Music Technology |
Digital Arts Minor |
Valencia, CA | 2015

Installations + Exhibitions

MAC Montreal | 2020
Collaboration with Suzanne Kite to design and fabricate large scale carbon fiber sculptures of imaginary landforms that intersect with the gallery.

Indigenous Futurisms: Transcending Past/Present/Future | 2020
Installation of Inyan Iye (Telling Rock) at MoCNA along with a public performance and artist talk given by Devin Ronneberg and Suzanne Kite.

Imaginenative | Toronto | 2019
Inyan Iye (Telling Rock) featured as one of 3 physical installations chosen for Imaginenative 2019.

Inner Ear Vision: Sound As Medium | Bemis Center for Contemporary Art | 2019
Installation of Inyan Iye (Telling Rock) in collaboration with Suzanne Kite at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art curated by Raven Chacon, Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Maria Elena Buszek.

Sensory Entanglement | Concordia University | 2018
Roundtable participants will offer insights into the collaborative processes that have drawn from emerging technologies to pioneer a radical new approach to Indigenous heritage, in which research on the senses can be experienced by the senses directly through the creation of three portable sensory environments developed as uniquely embodied means for cultural knowledge transfer.

Innerspace | Downtown, Los Angeles | 2016
Multimedia installation featuring digital works by 3d visual Artists Crash Override and Raycast Future Fantasy and sculptures and installation pieces fabricated by Devin Ronneberg.

Searching | California Institute of the Arts | 2015
Installation for interaction with
spatialized speakers and proximity sensors, that explores our relationship to the ever increasing amount of information presented to us and our ability to filter signal from noise.



Sundance New Frontiers Fellow


La Maracuya Arts Residency | Tijuana, Mexico | 2019
Chosen to participate in La Maracuya’s Arts Residency program for 2 weeks in 2019. Used the time to investigate the artistic potential and implications of emergent technologies that leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. These investigations led to being chosen as a recipient of the Sundance New Frontiers MacArthur Grant for the development of a collaborative work with Suzanne Kite called Seeing is Believing. Investigations covered a wide range of technologies including DeepFaking, Voice Training and Synthesis, Style Transfer, GANs, and Computer Vision.

Fabrication + Engineering

Long-EZ | 2017
Unbuilt and Completely Rebuilt myself a Long-EZ Experimental category airplane. Two years of daily work covering all aspects of the manufacturing process from advanced composite fabrication techniques to engine installation, wiring avionics, and more. Plane is flying and in great condition. I take it out on good days to hang with the clouds.

Inyan Iye | 2018
Composition, Design, Fabrication, and Software / Hardware development for multimedia machine learning installation work Inyan Iye (Telling Rock) in collaboration with Suzanne Kite. In addition to the fabrication of the sculpture, I developed custom software and handmade circuitry to wirelessly transmit DMX data to an inexpensive microcontroller to send custom lighting messages from TouchDesigner to the sculpture as mediated by a machine learning pipeline utilizing Wekinator intended to translate a participants engagement with the sculpture into a dialogue with the machine.

Sonic Succulents | 2019
Final fabrication and sculpture preparation of pieces for Adrienne Adar’s Sonic Succulents exhibition at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


Aerial - UAP | 2020
Debut release on Private Selection Records - 6 track vinyl ep inspired by alternate lifeforms, conspiracy theories, and personal experiences relating to unidentified aerial phenomena.

Private Selection Records | 2013 - Present
Co-Founded the underground electronic music imprint Private Selection Records. Consistently releasing well received records and curating events with boundary pushing local and international artists for the Los Angeles underground rave community. While running a DIY space called The Shed we formed a community arts non-profit, Private Selection Los Angeles, to better utilize accessible resources to better serve our arts community at large.

Aerial - DJing and Live Performance | 2013 - Present
Been performing as a DJ and Live Performer in the Los Angeles underground rave scene for several years and a resident performer at all Private Selection Presents events, opening for acts including Yves Tumor, Rezzett, Lee Gamble, Buttechno, Ron Morelli, NGLY, and more. Also contributing as a resident DJ for the monthly show Private Selection Radio, formerly on Dublab and now on NTS radio.


Devin Ronneberg